MyCableMan Pro doesn’t only provide a product; but a ‘service’. Our customer service program includes a dynamic team of professionals to solve your problems ASAP.


We give the smartest interface you look for. Our user friendly software let you get the best service with efficiency.


We love challenges, we love solutions. Our trustworthy service is the key to the hearts of numerous customers who are pleased with our work.

MyCableMan Pro

The ultimate software for Cable TV Management.

MyCableMan Pro, developed by Sandip Bhattacharya is web based software that has been exclusively designed for Cable TV Management System. It allows cable TV operators to manage their customer profiles and their respective billings in a smart way. Financially speaking, this is certainly the best software if you want to keep things under affordable range as you will have to pay only for the capacity you actually use. So basically, you get the freedom to evaluate our services. The programming fee of MyCableMan Pro is very reasonable and has been customised as per the requirements of our clients.

Cable TV Manager covers following areas :

  • Subscription management: You can subscribe to the services of this system from any location in India as far as mainstream cable distributions are concerned.
  • User profile management: Every MyCableMan Pro user gets a personalised user profile with password and related stuff.
  • Reliability: For the long run, you can definitely trust MyCableMan Pro as it is the ‘next-gen’ idea.

It is expected that the popularity of our software will keep on increasing with time and people will usher this new idea in the times to come.